With the CBA set to start on Sunday, November 1st, CBA teams are gearing up for another season of wall-to-wall basketball. Having dealt with the bottom half of the league last week, now its time to look at the teams who will be expected to compete for play-off sports and ultimately vie for the title itself.


Scouting Report: Tianjin Lions (9-8)

Having been dominated by Beijing and Stephon Marbury on Friday, now its time for the Tianjin Lions to come over to Shanghai and try their luck against a Sharks team that is now realising its season is basically over and that the remaining fifteen games are an exercise in fighting for pride. Continue reading “Scouting Report: Tianjin Lions (9-8)”

Tianjin Lions 93 – Shanghai Sharks 76: All-Action Daghlas Returns To Haunt Away Side

For the second year in a row, Osama Daghlas racked up a triple double on the way to inspiring a limited home side to victory over Shanghai. Last time it was the Jillin Tigers but now with the equally cumbersome Tianjin Lions team, the Jordanian point guard was just as inspirational and led from the front with a haul of 14 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists.

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Scouting Report: Tianjin Lions (0-1)

Following the loss to Beijing, its time for a visit to Tianjin where Shanghai will take on a Lions team that has been reliably awful for as long as it has existed. A week ago, this would have seemed like an easy win for Shanghai. However without Gilbert Arenas- whose groin injury will almost certainly mean he’ll miss the game according to local media reports- suddenly the Sharks look like they might have a real fight on their hands. Continue reading “Scouting Report: Tianjin Lions (0-1)”

CBA All-Star Game: Full Line Up Announced- Liu, Zhang Make Reserves

The full line-ups for this weekends CBA All-Star game has been announced and the starting line-up has also had to be re-adjusted following withdrawals by Xinjiang’s Mengke Bateer and Zhejiang’s JR Smith. Liaoning Jaguars’ beefcake center, Han Dejun comes in to replace the Xinjiang player whilst Guangdong’s Aaron Brooks will play for the South instead of Smith, who has made it clear that he will be headed back to the NBA immediately now the regular season has ended (and is probably on a plane bound for America as I type this). Continue reading “CBA All-Star Game: Full Line Up Announced- Liu, Zhang Make Reserves”

Tianjin Lions 85 – Shanghai Sharks 89: Clutch Landry Rescues Shanghai At The Death

If there was ever a game that summed up the madness and drama of Chinese basketball, tonight was it. Shanghai got the victory- thanks to the uber-clutch Marcus Landry- but it was painfully close. However, what’s important now is that the boys from the Yuanshen are coming home with an 18-14 record before they return to north China to play the Shanxi Dragons in the first round of the playoffs.

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CBA All-Star Game: Starting Line Up Announced- Liu, Zhang, Harris Fail To Make The Cut

So there was no change from my earlier post on Sunday concerning the CBA All-Star balloting. The final results were announced yesterday and the names I mentioned then remain as the starters, meaning that none of the nominated Sharks players (Liu Wei, Zhang Zhaoxu and Mike Harris) got through. Stephon Marbury and JR Smith have made their respective divisional teams while the popular Wang Zhizhi, who retires this season after the 2012 Olympics, tops the voting and will go to his seventh CBA All-Star game (he previously made it in 1999, 2000, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011) . Overall, 1,072,858 votes were cast according to the official CBA website.

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CBA All-Star Game: Last Day To Vote!

With the CBA All- Star voting to end tonight and the results due to be announced tomorrow ( February 6th), the balloting has changed things once again with regard to who is in the starting line-up for the CBA’s big regular season event. The grand old men of Chinese basketball, Mengke Bateer and Wang Zhizhi have kept their places although Marbury and JR Smith have returned to the fore after last week’s voting. As it stands, there isn’t a Shanghai player to make the starting line-up, things could change in the next few hours but here are things as they stand. Continue reading “CBA All-Star Game: Last Day To Vote!”

CBA All-Star Game: Week Five Update

A lot has changed in the All Star voting since the Week Three balloting numbers were reveled. Having been unable to find last week’s numbers anywhere, the current figures from Week Five released by the CBA’s official website make for interesting reading as they revel a surge of voting for the local players. Interestingly, there hasn’t been an increase of votes for either Zhang Zhaoxu or Sharks’/Chinese national team captain,  Liu Wei, although I’m pleased to see Mengke Bateer, who is up there with Tseng Wen-ting as my favourite CBA player, has kept his place.

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The Road To The Play Offs: Shanghai’s Last Ten Games

With the Sharks at 12-10 coming into their last ten games, the Shanghai Daily’s basketball writer,  Alex Linder, dropped by to bravely speculate on the fortunes of the city’s team as they enter the final-third of the season among the play-off places. The Sharks will be playing seven of the CBA’s top teams (at the time of writing) and so effectively every game is a decisive fixture- not only for Shanghai’s season but also for the other sides in a congested play-off battle. Continue reading “The Road To The Play Offs: Shanghai’s Last Ten Games”