Zhu Fangyu Becomes The CBA’s Newest Summer Scandal


Zhu Fangyu, the all-time leading scorer in the Chinese Basketball Association and a cornerstone of his country’s national team is probably wishing he could stay in America indefinitely right now. The small forward, part of the Guangdong Tigers team that has won eight CBA titles in eleven years, is currently training stateside whilst back in China, a lurid scandal involving himself, his now ex-wife and a third woman continues to gain momentum.

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Sina’s Cheerleader Debacle Deserves Shaming

2013-2014Èü¼¾CBA³£¹æÈüµÚ4ÂÖ£ºÎ¤¸¥¾ÈÇòײ¿ÞÀºÇò±¦±´ Loathed as I am to talk about stuff happening at a CBA game that didn’t involve any basketball directly, the distressing scenes at Shanxi’s home court need to be addressed/ranted about. Basically, during the game, a cheerleader managed to get herself injured due to a player colliding with her. She then had to be carried off the court in a stretcher, helped by the other cheerleaders- seemingly because there was not enough medical staff or no-one was willing to help. It made for a throughly embarrassing sight.

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