Arslan and Adiljan; How Two Generations Of Point Guard Are Trying To Save China’s Greatest Team


Its early days but the makings of a Hollywood screenplay started to possibly get written in eastern China on Sunday afternoon. Losing badly to the Guangsha Lions on the road, the Bayi Rockets’ veteran head coach Adiljan looked down the bench and called out a player’s name. There is a slight murmur around the arena as people pick up on what is going on. Bayi’s starting point guard Tian Yuxing is beckoned over to the bench and the substitute is sent into the fray. At seventeen and playing in his first professional game, everything is moving a little too quickly for him. In fifteen minutes of play, he will shot 3-of-5 from the field for 7 points but also pick up 5 fouls and turn the ball over twice. It doesn’t matter too much though given that it is garbage time and the Rockets are on the way to getting blown out 128-86 by an inspired Guangsha Lions. The manner of the defeat is embarrassing but at least one silver lining for the new Rockets player is that his dad got to see him play his first professional game in person. What makes it more special though is that it would be the old man himself, Adiljan, that gave him his first start in the league. Continue reading “Arslan and Adiljan; How Two Generations Of Point Guard Are Trying To Save China’s Greatest Team”



Matt Beyer is currently the only westerner who is licensed to work as a sports agent in China. His company, Altius Culture, which Beyer founded and for whom he is its’ managing director, remains a critical access point for many America players looking to play in the Chinese Basketball Association. He was also a color commentator on Chinese television for the 2014 NBA finals. Before arriving in China, he spent time with the Milwaukee Bucks as the chief translator with Yi Jianlian.

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More Teams, More Questions; Breaking Down The CBA’s Latest Expansion


League expansion is happening and Jiangsu Tongxi and the Chongqing Flying Dragons are set to become the newest additions to the CBA, bumping up the number of association members to twenty. It marks another big day for the Chinese Basketball Association, who after years of not altering the league’s format, made sweeping rule changes this summer and have added three teams in less than twelve months (the other team, the Sichuan Blue Whales were promoted last year).

On a short-term level, this will mean more playing opportunities for local players in China’s biggest league and in theory a stronger pool of talent for the national team to draw on. On a broader scale, it also says a lot about the CBA’s bullish new attitude to building up the league and having teams in as many large urban areas in the country as possible.

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Qingdao Ink Justin Dentmon To One Year Deal

Indiana Pacers v Dallas Mavericks

Last season’s worst team, the Qingdao Eagles, have made their first foreign signing of the year, bringing in Euro League point guard, Justin Dentmon.

The Eagles, who will be most well-known to western audiences as the team that signed Tracy McGrady two years ago, ran most of their offense through Josh Akognon, and Dentmon will find himself plugged into the same role as Qingdao look to improve from a 5-29 season in 2013.

Dentmon last played in Lithuania, averaging 15.3ppg . Before moving to Europe, he bounced around the NBA for three years with San Antonio, Dallas and Toronto, playing garbage time minutes with all three teams.

Shark Fin Hoops Comment: On CBA Refereeing And Other Madness

This piece started off in the article reporting the fine for Shanghai after the crowd trouble against Dongguan but rather than flood a news piece with my opinions, I decided it was better to break it into a comment piece. This way, the actual Shanghai incident can be explained in a broader picture but also, the refereeing situation/crisis going on in Chinese basketball right now can be better explored. Continue reading “Shark Fin Hoops Comment: On CBA Refereeing And Other Madness”

Guangsha Lions 112 – Shanghai Sharks 86: Ramos Crushes Sharks

The Shanghai Sharks, once again missing Liu Wei and Gilbert Arenas, were mercilessly routed by a confident home team who knew they were going to win the second they could get both their overseas players on the court together.  PJ Ramos scored 29 points in the rout as Shanghai were blown away in humiliating fashion. Continue reading “Guangsha Lions 112 – Shanghai Sharks 86: Ramos Crushes Sharks”

Shanxi Dragons 123 – Shanghai Sharks 108: Gaines Reigns Supreme In Taiyuan

The Sharks brief run of wins is over after Charles Gaines ground down the visiting Shanghai side with some one-dimensional but hugely effective close range power. With partner in crime Marcus Williams also getting in on the act, the Dragons’ two American star players routed their guests thanks to a second half display of offensive might. Continue reading “Shanxi Dragons 123 – Shanghai Sharks 108: Gaines Reigns Supreme In Taiyuan”