Scouting Report: Foshan Dralions

The visit of the Foshan Dralions on Wednesday is a chance for the Sharks to get their revenge against the side that defeated them back in November thanks to an improbably brilliant performance from Gerald Green. The former Boston guard dragged his side back from the brink of defeat with an electrifying performance of booming dunks and big threes in a game that began Shanghai’s early season slide into the bottom of the table. Continue reading “Scouting Report: Foshan Dralions”

Foshan Dralions 102- Shanghai Sharks 98

We came, we saw, we lost. Again.

Once more did the Sharks hustle, fight and play good defence but once again, they found themselves on the losing side and now have a 0-3 record for their troubles.

Gerald Green, the source of more than one jib by yours truly due to the bizarre focus he receives via winning a novelty competition almost five years ago, came good in this one. The forward handled his business on the court like a real All-Star and ultimately was the deciding factor in Foshan, dropping 41 points in a swaggering, all-action display.

Indeed, there really wasn’t too much between the teams for the first three-quarters and accurate shooting from both sides meant that neithier team could pull away.

Enter the fourth quarter and things got interesting. Shanghai, having built up a lead, lost it, slowly and agonizingly as Green and his cohorts ate away at the deficit the Sharks had put together. With a little under three minutes left, Green nailed a booming dunk and the roar from the crowd exploded. It was on. Shanghai knew it and wilted under the pressure. A long range shot from downtown by Green was enough to do it and the Sharks drifted off into another frustrating defeat.

Panaggio looked pissed. Liu Wei looked crest-fallen. It was a tough reminder that only the full-time score counts and yet again, the Sharks found themselves dashed at the end. Liu made 30 points, Mike Harris got 18, whilst Ryan Kelly and Peng Fei looked lively and full of zip. However, the only stat that people will care about is 0-3. Shanghai have shown they can win. Now they need to do it.


Scouting Report: Foshan Dralions

Shanghai’s final road trip for now takes them to the Foshan Dralions, whose savvy marketing team clearly decided that being just one intimidating creature wasn’t good enough and threw and extra beast of slaughter into their name for good measure.

Under the threat of being blacklisted from Chinese basketball, I am obliged to point out that Foshan’s Gerald Green won the NBA dunk content in 2007. There, I said it, now I can move onto to describing the other players on the Dralion’s roster that could cause problems. Oh, wait….

It’s entirely possible that the Sharks could lose to Foshan, they did the previous season as the two sides each took a victory against the other last year but this is a game that Shanghai will look at as a game to redeem some momentum after two painful losses.

Some points from Tseng Wen-ting would be marvelous but this is all about getting the win against another team with the same record and slightly weaker squad than Shanghai. Mike Harris and Zhang Zhoaxu have had strong games of late and will hopefully continue their momentum into the Foshan game.

Alarm bells won’t ring if the Sharks return to Shanghai at 0-3 but equally it won’t be the best of starts to a season, even before one considers that the first home game is live on CCTV5 against Wilson Chandler and Guangsha Lions.

CBA Round Up: Round 1

Shangdong Lions:93 – Foshan Dralions 79

Gerald Green scored 18 points in a losing effort as his Foshan Dralions lost at home to Shandong 93-79. The former Boston Celtic made  was 3/6 from field goals and 3/9 at three-point attempt, also dished out two assists, but crucially failed to dunk at all, presumably to the absolute horror of every Chinese basketball media outlet who have been contractually obliged to remind readers that he won the 2007 Slam Dunk contest at every chance they get.

Swingman Alan Anderson also put up 18 points for Shandong as well as six rebounds and three assists as the former Michigan State player helped the Jinan outfit dispatch their hosts. Sun Jie also made 14 points including four from downtown, whilst Sui Ran made (12 points), Li Lin (11 points) and Othello Hunter (11) also joined made it into double digits. Hunter was generally large and in charge throughout, as the former Ohio State power forward helped himself to 21 rebounds over the course of the game.

Guangsha Lions: 115 – Tianjin Golden Lions:113

Wilson Chandler exploded onto the CBA with an imperious 43 points, 22 rebounds and four assists in a fifty minute spell that will confirm his status as the unofficial king of Hangzhou. A high scoring affair throughout, Guangsha seemed content to sit back and let their marque name do his thing and the former Denver Nugget did just that, making 18-of-32 field goals including two powerful dunks. Tianjin’s Zhang Nan tried to keep pace with the American but tonight was Chandler’s show and a A-list performance from Guangsha forward sealed the deal for his side and helped his side see off an unexpectedly plucky opposition. Continue reading “CBA Round Up: Round 1”

CBA News In Brief: Smith and Chandler Settling In Well; Kenyon Martin Less So

Both JR Smith and Wilson Chandler have stated that nethier will be backing out of their CBA contracts  should the NBA lock-out resolve itself before the Chinese league finishes in 2012. Chandler, who is effectively the new king of East China following an impressive pre-season tournament where he continually scored big, is easily the most hyped basketball player in the country right now.

Smith, who picked up a double in his last game (thirty points with ten rebounds) and won the previous one with a buzzer beating three,  is also enjoying a happy honeymoon with his new fan base, and has begin posting from his Weibo account (in China, facebook and twitter are blocked and in their place are Chinese alturnatives that mimic the aforementioned social network sites)

Fosham’s Gerald Greene continues to garner a lot of love, based largely on his dunking exploits, and it appears that Chinese basketball will automatically go through withdrawl symptoms if Green’s victory at the Slam Dunk contest in 2007 isn’t mentioned once a sentence should his name be uttered.

Kenyon Martin on the other hand is doing less well, despite making good numbers over his pre-season games and has been variously described by bloggers as ‘blue collar’ and ‘needing time to adjust’ so sayeth google translator.

Meanwhile, Dongguan coach, Al Gore (not him) has suggusted that Fosham deliberately tanked to allow them to be able to sign more overseas players due to their low ranking. Gore goes onto argue that whilst the recruiting of big name players is important, there is obviously the danger that Chinese youngsters lose their spots to North American journeymen.

Beijing Ducks point guard and full-time eccentric Stephon Marbury has been taking time off from playing due to fatique but also to observe the tactics of his coach from the sidelines with a view to one day donning a suit and incohieriantly pointing at a clipboard himself.

With the league to start soon, the pick of the emerging youngsters seems to be Jiangsu Dragon’s teenage shooting-guard, Ding Yan Yu-hang, whose been getting far more looks now that attention is firmly set on recently arrived, former Milwaukee Bucks centre, Dan Gadzuric.