Web Chat VIII: CBA Playoffs And More Wilson Chandler Shenanigans

After a brief break to take in the madness of the CBA postseason, Edward Bothfeld is back to survey the wreckage of Fujian and Guangsha’s seasons now that they have been knocked out of the playoffs, as well as giving his thoughts on Wilson Chandler’s acrimonious departure from Hangzhou. Continue reading “Web Chat VIII: CBA Playoffs And More Wilson Chandler Shenanigans”

CBA Postseason: Bumper Prediction Special (Edited Second Version)

With the CBA playoffs about to start on Wednesday, the Shanghai Daily’s Alex Linder (who went 10-10 the last time he was speculating on the Sharks’ fortunes) and Niubball’s Edward Bothfeld throw down their predictions for what should be an exciting and pretty unpredictable  set of quarter-final ties.

Continue reading “CBA Postseason: Bumper Prediction Special (Edited Second Version)”

Xinjiang Tigers: 89 – Shanghai Sharks 84: Last Second Lapses Condemn Sharks To Defeat

Sometimes as a sports enthusiast, I’m reminded that sometimes its better to lose in a blow out than watch the game slip away right at the very end. Against Xinjiang, it was very much the latter as the Sharks fought hard and were full of pluck and spirit but ultimately  lost to a Tigers side that for all their potency going forward, looked brittle at times, and dare I say it- were there for the taking at the critical moment. Continue reading “Xinjiang Tigers: 89 – Shanghai Sharks 84: Last Second Lapses Condemn Sharks To Defeat”

Scouting Report: Xinjiang Tigers

Having handled their business against Fujian, now the Sharks go on the road to face Xinjiang, who have recovered from a disastrous start that resulted in the sacking of coach Bob Donewald, Kenyon Martin buying out his contract and Kyle Mills being cut following a serious disagreement over the treatment of his hamstring injury. Currently sitting at 13-12, their recent climb towards the post season has been made possible thanks to a 10-1 home record (the fourth best in the league). Continue reading “Scouting Report: Xinjiang Tigers”