CBA Playoffs- Quarter Final Schedule Announced (Edited Second Version!)

Having held their nerve in the last ten games, the Sharks have made it to the postseason and now are playing the Shanxi Dragons in a best-of-five playoff series. Chinese basketball is a strange place and it having initially thought it was going to be a ‘two games in Taiyuan, two games in Shanghai, game five in Taiyuan’ affair, it is actually the case that the first game will be at Shanghai with the subsequent two games to be played at Taiyuan followed by a further game back at the Yuanshen and if there is a game five, it goes back to Shanxi’s place (hence the re-edit). Yep, I’d never seen something like this either but regardless, get ready for February 22nd. Things are going to get LOUD.   Continue reading “CBA Playoffs- Quarter Final Schedule Announced (Edited Second Version!)”

Jeremy Lin Could Have Been A Shark. Sort Of.

As a basketball blog based in China, I guess I should put together at least one article about the aforementioned point-guard. Well,  it turns out that Sharks owner Yao Ming recently made overtures to the player to play for the Sharks this season during his pre-Linsanity days, according to an article in the New York Post. Continue reading “Jeremy Lin Could Have Been A Shark. Sort Of.”

Web Chat V: Play-Offs, CBA All-Stars And The Magic Of Marbury

With regular web-chatter, Ned Bothfeld out of the country, Niubball head honcho and all-round Chinese basketball sage, Jon Pastuszek steps in from the cold Chinese winter for a monster discussion on Starbury’s triple-double, who is and isn’t going to be playing in the CBA post season and discussing some memorable matches so far this season. Continue reading “Web Chat V: Play-Offs, CBA All-Stars And The Magic Of Marbury”

Scouting Report: Dongguan Leopards

With the Chinese New Year break about to kick in, the  Sharks will be playing the second ranked team in the CBA, the 16-8 (6-6 on the road), Dongguan Leopards, who comprehensively beat Shanghai in their earlier encounter back in December and the Leopards have strung together a six-game winning streak with little to no hype. The home side must win this  game to retain a winning record going into the brief break in basketball for New Year festivities. Continue reading “Scouting Report: Dongguan Leopards”

The Road To The Play Offs: Shanghai’s Last Ten Games

With the Sharks at 12-10 coming into their last ten games, the Shanghai Daily’s basketball writer,  Alex Linder, dropped by to bravely speculate on the fortunes of the city’s team as they enter the final-third of the season among the play-off places. The Sharks will be playing seven of the CBA’s top teams (at the time of writing) and so effectively every game is a decisive fixture- not only for Shanghai’s season but also for the other sides in a congested play-off battle. Continue reading “The Road To The Play Offs: Shanghai’s Last Ten Games”

Dongguan Leopards 107 – Shanghai Sharks 99

Shanghai stayed in Guangdong province and Dongguan pulled the same trick as their neighbors by beating the Sharks with a couple of good individual performances and a warehouse full of clinical finishing. The margin was 107-99 and the Sharks once again found themselves caught up in their second shoot-out in three games.

Shavlik Randolph helped his side break away in the first quarter and the Leopards never looked back after the former Philadelphia 76er found his range from downtown. Gu Quan joined in the party as did Josh Akognon when he arrived in second quarter, and by the time the interval came around, Shanghai were 51-44 down and had been chasing the game since the opening minutes.

Spurned on by some presumably colourful language from Coach Panaggio, Shanghai came out swinging when the two sides reappeared after the break. Great, but the problem was that the home side had no intention of letting their guests peg them back. Indeed, the Leopards offense was in blistering form and Zhong Mian dropped a couple of big threes of his own to give his side room to breath as the Sharks repeatedly came close to getting back into the game only for a Dongguan player to make a vital shot and cancel out Shanghai’s mojo.

Ultimately Shanghai couldn’t dig themselves out of the hole they’d made for themselves after a bad start to the game- not only had it allowed the Leopards to build a lead that they could defend, but it gave Randolph the momentum to make crucial shots that were vital to the Leopards staying on top. When the final buzzer went, the Sharks were still down by eight points and a hard-working performance in which three players (Zhang, Harris and RFK) made 20 points or more ultimately counted for nothing.

Fujian Sturgeons beckons on Sunday for the Sharks, who probably can’t wait to get back to Shanghai following another frustrating time on the road. Ideally they’ll come home with a belated away win to give the squad motivation for the arrival of Kenyon Martin and his motley crew from Xinjiang. However, Liu Wei is still out for a few more days and though Peng Fei did okay,  the young-ish squad will no doubt have missed the old warhorse’s know-how when the Sharks needed to score quickly. It’s a big ask to win at Fujian but right now, you could say that about every game away from home…

Photo: Sina Sports

CBA Round Up: Round 3

Xinjiang Tigers 111 – Bayi Rockets 92

Patrick Mills made 28 points including two three-pointers whilst Kenyon Martin made a low-key 12 points but with 12 rebounds and 4 assists as Xinjiang overcame boo-hiss military bad boys, Bayi. Mengke Bateer also got 19 points with 5 rebounds and 5 assists as the Tigers made short work of their opposition, who committed 23 turnovers over the course of the game.

Zhejiang Bulls 113-98 Fujian Sturgons

Once again, Josh Boone was the man for Zhejiang, making 17-19 from the floor as the Bulls eased past Fujian with JR Smith putting up 20 points and four assists in another under-the-radar performance .

Anthony Robson made 45 points for Fujian including 7 three-pointers and 6 rebounds in feisty performance that kept the score respectable but ultimately the game belong to Zhejiang who did what they needed to do infront of their home fans.

Other Standout Results

  • Lester Hudson continued to be unstoppable, this time putting up a whopping 50 points for Qingdao, who still managed to lose to Jilin 104-101.
  • Marty Collins scored 28, Hu Xuefeng got 20 and Yi Li made 22 as part of a solid team performance with Jiangsu beating a determined Dongguan Guangdong outfit that committed 22 team fouls. Josh Akognon made 25 points himself for the Leopards but Jiangsu picked up their first win of the season.
  • The reigning champions, Guangdong, lost their first game of the season and obviously Stephon Marbury has some fun in proceedings, making 18 points and dishing out 8 assists to boot. Ji Zhe and Zhu Yanxi also made 18 points as the Ducks did the business in a somewhat unexpected victory against Guangdong, 104-92.
  • Wilson Chandler put on another show, assembling a double-double that consisted of 42 points and 10 rebounds to give the his team something to smile about after a loss on the road to Shandong, 97-89. Othello Hunter’s own double-double of 27 points and nineteen rebounds, plus Sun Jie’s three-point laden 24 was key for the Dragons, who improve to 3-0.
 Round 3 Results
Zhejiang 113-98 Fujian
Shandong 97-89 Guangsha
Foshan 102-98 Shanghai
Tianjin 93-76 Liaoning
Guangdong 92-104 Beijing
Jiangsu 103-96 Dongguan
Jilin 104-101 Qingdao
Xinjiang, 111-92 Bayi

CBA Round Up: Round 2

Zhejiang Bulls 101 – Dongguan Leopards 73

J.R. Smith turned in a workmanlike performance as Zhejiang Bulls did away with Dongguan Leopards 101-73. Josh Boone put up 24 points including a couple of crowd pleasing dunks, and 13 rebounds,  whilst Smith, now returned from his brief elopement to Beijing scored a modest 15 points plus five assists and six rebounds.

Forward Cao Fei also got in on the act, scoring 21 points and the Bulls can be pleased with a clinical dismantling of a Dongguan side that posed little threat to Zhejiang attempts to get their opening win of the season at the second time of asking. Continue reading “CBA Round Up: Round 2”

CBA Round Up: Round 1

Shangdong Lions:93 – Foshan Dralions 79

Gerald Green scored 18 points in a losing effort as his Foshan Dralions lost at home to Shandong 93-79. The former Boston Celtic made  was 3/6 from field goals and 3/9 at three-point attempt, also dished out two assists, but crucially failed to dunk at all, presumably to the absolute horror of every Chinese basketball media outlet who have been contractually obliged to remind readers that he won the 2007 Slam Dunk contest at every chance they get.

Swingman Alan Anderson also put up 18 points for Shandong as well as six rebounds and three assists as the former Michigan State player helped the Jinan outfit dispatch their hosts. Sun Jie also made 14 points including four from downtown, whilst Sui Ran made (12 points), Li Lin (11 points) and Othello Hunter (11) also joined made it into double digits. Hunter was generally large and in charge throughout, as the former Ohio State power forward helped himself to 21 rebounds over the course of the game.

Guangsha Lions: 115 – Tianjin Golden Lions:113

Wilson Chandler exploded onto the CBA with an imperious 43 points, 22 rebounds and four assists in a fifty minute spell that will confirm his status as the unofficial king of Hangzhou. A high scoring affair throughout, Guangsha seemed content to sit back and let their marque name do his thing and the former Denver Nugget did just that, making 18-of-32 field goals including two powerful dunks. Tianjin’s Zhang Nan tried to keep pace with the American but tonight was Chandler’s show and a A-list performance from Guangsha forward sealed the deal for his side and helped his side see off an unexpectedly plucky opposition. Continue reading “CBA Round Up: Round 1”

CBA 2011-2012: Team-By-Team Rankings

With the CBA pre-season hours away from becoming the regular season, there is still time for perpetually authoritative website, NiuBBall, to not only post its detailed team-by-team power rankings but also look down the fixture list this season and pick out the must-see match-ups over the course of this year’s CBA. Well, when I say ‘must see’, what I also kind of mean is ‘games that you must see in person because Chinese TV has decided to show an episode of Knight Rider or one of the myriad of costume dramas based in Chinese antiquity instead’.

Continue reading “CBA 2011-2012: Team-By-Team Rankings”