Scouting Report: Dongguan Leopards (4-4)

Having finished a three game run at home, the Sharks hit the road again, this time to Guangdong Province. The first of the two games will be against the Dongguan Leopards, who despite living in the shadow of their neighbours, the Guangdong Tigers, are still a very good team. Continue reading “Scouting Report: Dongguan Leopards (4-4)”

Shanghai Sharks Preseason Results: Shenzhen Series

There still isn’t a fixtures list for the upcoming 2012/13 CBA season but in the meantime, Shanghai are still playing preseason games- this time down in Shenzhen. With DJ White and Elijah Millsap now fully integrated into the squad, the recent round of games was probably the first time that a full strength side could shoot some hoops together. Results are as follows. Continue reading “Shanghai Sharks Preseason Results: Shenzhen Series”

Mike Harris Checks Out Of Puerto Rico In Style

Its been a VERY long off-season in Shanghai since game five of the CBA playoffs against Shanxi but that obviously doesn’t mean that the Sharks’ former overseas players are sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Indeed, former Sharks forward, Mike Harris, has just finished his stint with Puerto Rican outfit Athletico San German and will now be leaving the island with some decent numbers on his CV.

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Web Chat VIII: CBA Playoffs And More Wilson Chandler Shenanigans

After a brief break to take in the madness of the CBA postseason, Edward Bothfeld is back to survey the wreckage of Fujian and Guangsha’s seasons now that they have been knocked out of the playoffs, as well as giving his thoughts on Wilson Chandler’s acrimonious departure from Hangzhou. Continue reading “Web Chat VIII: CBA Playoffs And More Wilson Chandler Shenanigans”

CBA Postseason: Bumper Prediction Special (Edited Second Version)

With the CBA playoffs about to start on Wednesday, the Shanghai Daily’s Alex Linder (who went 10-10 the last time he was speculating on the Sharks’ fortunes) and Niubball’s Edward Bothfeld throw down their predictions for what should be an exciting and pretty unpredictable  set of quarter-final ties.

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CBA Playoffs- Quarter Final Schedule Announced (Edited Second Version!)

Having held their nerve in the last ten games, the Sharks have made it to the postseason and now are playing the Shanxi Dragons in a best-of-five playoff series. Chinese basketball is a strange place and it having initially thought it was going to be a ‘two games in Taiyuan, two games in Shanghai, game five in Taiyuan’ affair, it is actually the case that the first game will be at Shanghai with the subsequent two games to be played at Taiyuan followed by a further game back at the Yuanshen and if there is a game five, it goes back to Shanxi’s place (hence the re-edit). Yep, I’d never seen something like this either but regardless, get ready for February 22nd. Things are going to get LOUD.   Continue reading “CBA Playoffs- Quarter Final Schedule Announced (Edited Second Version!)”