Breaking Down The 2015/16 CBA Season: Part 1


In a change to last season’s preview (in part because nether myself, Marco nor Patrick can decide who is going to finish where in the 2015/16 standings), this season at Shark Fin Hoops, we’re going to breakdown all twenty teams in the league, profiling who we think is going to do what. This season is arguable the most unpredictable in years, with several legitimate title contenders and a number of sides that could surprise anyone on their day. So, in the first of four parts, here is the breakdown of the Bayi Rockets, Beijing Ducks, Chongqing Dragons, Dongguan/Shenzhen Leopards and Fujian Sturgeons.

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Scouting Report: Dongguan Leopards (4-4)

Having finished a three game run at home, the Sharks hit the road again, this time to Guangdong Province. The first of the two games will be against the Dongguan Leopards, who despite living in the shadow of their neighbours, the Guangdong Tigers, are still a very good team. Continue reading “Scouting Report: Dongguan Leopards (4-4)”