Scouting Report: Qingdao Eagles (0-3)

The Sharks are not in a good place right now but frankly nether are the visiting Qingdao Eagles. Like Shanghai, the team from Shandong is 0-3 but unlike the Sharks, the visitors have fired their manager after just two games and rely on an offence that is entirely based around one aging former NBA icon, Mr. Tracy Lamar McGrady. Continue reading “Scouting Report: Qingdao Eagles (0-3)”

Scouting Report: Tianjin Lions (0-1)

Following the loss to Beijing, its time for a visit to Tianjin where Shanghai will take on a Lions team that has been reliably awful for as long as it has existed. A week ago, this would have seemed like an easy win for Shanghai. However without Gilbert Arenas- whose groin injury will almost certainly mean he’ll miss the game according to local media reports- suddenly the Sharks look like they might have a real fight on their hands. Continue reading “Scouting Report: Tianjin Lions (0-1)”

Scouting Report: Jiangsu Dragons

The final visitors to the Yuanshen for the 2011/12 CBA season are the fallen giants from Nanjing, the Jiangsu Dragons (7-22), who have lost their way this year after almost a decade of regularly qualifying for the playoffs and will go into this fixture with a six game losing streak to their name and fighting to avoid finishing bottom of the table with three games left in the regular season.  Continue reading “Scouting Report: Jiangsu Dragons”

Scouting Report: Zhejiang Bulls

At the worst possible time (or depending who you are talking to, the best), JR Smith and the Zhejiang Bulls are riding into town. Like their provincial neighbours, the Guangsha Lions, the Bulls are in panic mode, having lost a couple of games they shouldn’t have and flailing about trying to make it to the postseason. The visitors arrive at the Yuanshen with a 4-10 record on the road and have leaked 104ppg in their travels away from Yiwi, while the Sharks, now in seventh place, can take a sizable step towards the playoffs with a win today. Lose, and it the dream could be done for this season. Everything is poised on a knife-edge. Continue reading “Scouting Report: Zhejiang Bulls”

Scouting Report: Bayi Rockets

Having put together a fantastic run of result once this season, the Sharks will need to repeat the trick if they are to have any chance of making the post season. Smashing through the Bayi Rockets is critical to doing this and the former giants of Chinese basketball, despite having won their last two games, are languishing in 17th place and look like a shadow of their former selves with a 9-18 record. Continue reading “Scouting Report: Bayi Rockets”

Scouting Report: Shanxi Dragons

After the disastrous final few seconds against Xinjiang, the Sharks now have to compose themselves as they visit Taiyuan for their game against the Shanxi Dragons (15-11). The team from North China are 10-2 when playing infront of their home fans and despite an almost naked reliance on their two overseas players, Marcus Williams and Charles Gaines, have moved their way up into fifth place in the CBA rankings and should be amongst the teams that make the playoffs.

Continue reading “Scouting Report: Shanxi Dragons”

Scouting Report: Xinjiang Tigers

Having handled their business against Fujian, now the Sharks go on the road to face Xinjiang, who have recovered from a disastrous start that resulted in the sacking of coach Bob Donewald, Kenyon Martin buying out his contract and Kyle Mills being cut following a serious disagreement over the treatment of his hamstring injury. Currently sitting at 13-12, their recent climb towards the post season has been made possible thanks to a 10-1 home record (the fourth best in the league). Continue reading “Scouting Report: Xinjiang Tigers”

Scouting Report: Fujian Sturgeons

With a very difficult road game against Xinjiang on Wednesday, the upcoming visit of the Fujian Sturgeons (14-11) to the Yuanshen now has extra importance for Shanghai. A win against their guests on Sunday would not only move the Sharks up into the playoff places but also trip up one of their rivals for a postseason position. The home side were undone by old boy, Zaid Abbas, in the corresponding fixture and have to stop that happening again if they want to play on beyond mid-February. Continue reading “Scouting Report: Fujian Sturgeons”