Shark Fin Hoops is a website about the highs and lows of basketball in the Middle Kingdom. It started as a way for a bored high school teacher living in Shanghai to write about his local CBA team but has since become a broader project aimed at giving honest reporting on the state of Chinese hoops.

Andrew Crawford was formerly the CBA beat writer for the Shanghai Daily newspaper. He now writes about Chinese basketball for Vice Sports, SB Nation, Complex and several other outlets. He lives in Philadelphia but still dreams of two kuai turnip baozis. You can email him at andrewcrawforduk@gmail.com and on twitter @shouldersgalore.

Marco Catanzaro is a basketball writer, analyst and CBA aficionado. In addition to writing at Shark Fin Hoops, you can also catch his thoughts on the Chinese basketball over at his blog, Shot Suey and as the CBA expert at Sheridan Hoops. He lives in Milan, Italy, because he’s a baller. You can follow him on twitter at @arnstrad.

Richard Chen is a local businessmen in Taiwan who likes watching the NBA and thinking about it in a analytical way. As fate should have it, he was in the same high school year as current CBA player Tseng Wen Ting  and Shark Fin Hoops cult hero, Tseng Wen-ting and fellow Taiwan national teamer Wu Tai-Hao. Unsurprisingly, that HS basketball team went onto the be one of the best in the country’s history.  You can follow him on twitter @rollingwave0720.

Yifei Hu hails from Shenzhen, Guangdong province but now lives in Texas. He occasionally posts stuff on his blog, Oriental Prospectus. Most of it is astoundingly impressive, like advanced stats or top-notch scouting reports on young Chinese players. In short, he’s really good.