Quincy Douby Signs With Tianjin

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Fresh after making their first ever run to the CBA postseason, the Tianjin Lions, formerly one of the league’s most moribund teams, this morning took a further step into respectability with the signing of Quincy Douby. 

Douby, for all his various failed attempts to stick with an NBA team, remains a force in Chinese basketball and one of its most feared scorers. Two years ago, he scored a record 75 points in a CBA game against Shanxi despite only playing three quarters of the game whilst playing for the Zhejiang Bulls. Before that in 2011, the former Rutgers swingman almost single handily won a CBA title with Xinjiang before losing in five games in the Finals to the Guangdong Tigers. Last season, Douby was the leading scorer with the Shanghai Sharks, averaging 28.8ppg.

Make no mistake, Douby is very much a gun for hire but for Tianjin, they now have a reliable offensive weapon that will give them a scoring threat from all over the floor. A willing passer, Douby will also allow the Lions to spread the floor, although this will require the team to bring in some shooters and deviate somewhat from their traditional crash and bash line-ups. The race is now on for Tianjin to find a quality CBA-level big man to compliment Douby (Sheldon Williams is probably waiting by the phone…) but this bit of business is a huge boost to Tianjin’s chances of returning to the CBA postseason.

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