Shanxi Dragons Win Zaid Abbas Sweepstakes

2013ÄêCBAÈ«Ã÷ÐÇÈü£ºÄϱ±È«Ã÷ÐǶӹٷ½Ð´Õæ ÓÈÄÉ˹ÁìÏȺêÔ¶Èý»¢½«

Zaid Abbas had played for five different CBA teams. All of them made the play-offs in the season the Jordanian was there. To say he has the magic touch would be an understatement and the all-action power forward has become a lucky charm to a team looking to bounce back from a bad season.

This year, the Shanxi Dragons will have Abbas suiting up for them after agreeing a one-year deal. The Dragons, whose existence remains in limbo since the sale of the team to Beijing based businessmen a year ago, will have to hope their new acquisition can improve a threadbare roster that finished with a 10-24 record.

Abbas averaged 16.6 ppg, 12.2 rpg and 2.4 apg with the Tianjin Lions, who made their first CBA play-off appearance last season.

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