Charles Gaines To Zhejiang?

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According to a variety of reports in China, the Zhejiang Bulls will be signing American power forward Charles Gaines in the coming days. For the Bulls, who have flattered to deceive for several years, the recruitment of Gaines suggests a more back to basics approach for the upcoming season.

As for Gaines, a legitimate force in the league for the last six years, this may well be his final contract in China given his age and style of play. A no-thrills, beat-em up down low power forward, Gaines actually led the league in scoring whilst playing for Qingdao in 2010. After three years with the Shanxi Dragons, the thirty-three year old has signed a two year deal to play in Zhejiang province.

The Bulls, who have seen two different seasons scuppered by off-the-court issues with their star foreign player, have evidently decided to invest their money in a safer option this time around. Gaines, though a notably intense and fiery player, is a reliable two-way player that won’t cause problems in the dressing room. Given the chaos of the JR Smith and Ivan Johnson years, this will be of huge relief for the Zhejiang front office, who have lately struggled to find the right balance between their American and Chinese players.

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