Sina’s Cheerleader Debacle Deserves Shaming

2013-2014Èü¼¾CBA³£¹æÈüµÚ4ÂÖ£ºÎ¤¸¥¾ÈÇòײ¿ÞÀºÇò±¦±´ Loathed as I am to talk about stuff happening at a CBA game that didn’t involve any basketball directly, the distressing scenes at Shanxi’s home court need to be addressed/ranted about. Basically, during the game, a cheerleader managed to get herself injured due to a player colliding with her. She then had to be carried off the court in a stretcher, helped by the other cheerleaders- seemingly because there was not enough medical staff or no-one was willing to help. It made for a throughly embarrassing sight.

Due to mistranslation, I initially thought the game was being held at the Yuanshen, a place where I have seen police throw journalists against walls for talking back to them. However, even though the game was in Taiyuan, it doesn’t make the situation any better. This was still a very bad event that was shared and discussed widely across social media within China. For me though, beyond the absurdity of a teenage girl having to be carried off the floor by her friends whilst the undermanned medical team stood around, the media coverage it has been getting online has also been awful.

Indeed, the cameramen in this situation need to have their fucking heads examined. Not only did they, as the nearest people not directly involved in the game, abstain from helping out; they instead gathered round the stretcher to take photos of the injured cheerleader sobbing in pain. They took upskirt photos of the woman as she was carried off and then several more of her friends in clear distress and trying to comfort each other. Then Sina Sports ran them as one of its five lead articles and allowed over 1,200 people to comment and chide the cheerleaders for looking like the beer girls at a bar  who pester you to buy Harbin (which they do but that’s not the point here).


This is not something that needs to be shown on a leading Chinese sport site and frankly trivializes the CBA and makes its media agencies look like they are edited by cavemen. In the past, Sina has shown no qualms about showing photo galleries of unsuspecting ‘hot babes’ at games before and even once ran a piece about a female photographer that one of its writers thought was attractive (its clear from the photos in question that she didn’t know she was being photographed whilst she worked). This though is especially cheap and can’t be accepted if the league and its media outlets want to be seen as respectable. That said, we’re also talking about China, where gawking remains a hobby for far too many of its netizens, but it’s still not something Sina should be enabling even if it does bring in the page views.

Rant over.

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