Gilbert Arenas Leaves Door Open For Return

Despite an injury ravaged first year in the CBA, Gilbert Arenas has expressed an interest in continuing his basketball adventures in the Middle Kingdom. Speaking to reporters after the last game of the season, Arenas was very matter-of-fact on the subject; ‘if Yao Ming wanted to take me back, of course I would like to return to Shanghai’.

At this time, this move would seem unlikely. Arenas only played fourteen games this year (out a possible thirty-two) and arguably was only healthy enough to compete in ten of them. With Liu Wei also constantly injured, the Sharks had no backcourt beyond that of Liu Ziqui and as a result, their season collapsed almost immediately.

It would therefore take some remarkable improvements in Agent Zero’s health for the former NBA All-Star to return. Arenas himself knows that the decision will rest with Yao and GM Eric Zhang and nether man is likely to even think about resigning the guard for months. The duo will also be seeking immediately improvement to the team’s form next season and that will only come with fit overseas players.

In short, its possible Arenas returns but don’t count on it.

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