Liu Wei Voted In As All-Star Starter

Shanghai captain Liu Wei has been elected to start for the South in the upcoming CBA All-Star game in Guangzhou. The point guard, now in his fifteenth season in the league, received 768,563 votes in little over a month.

Having started the season extremely strongly, injuries, fatigue and bad luck has derailed the Sharks guard’s year but the Chinese basketball community has still made it clear that they still want to see Liu in the regular season showpiece.

As reserves are yet to be named, it is still unknown whether other Sharks players who were on the All-Star ballot have made the cut. Zhang Zhaoxu stands the best chance due to his position and decent popularity within China although DJ White has also shone despite Shanghai suffering its worst season since the league shifted to a thirty-two game season.

The starters are as follows;

South: Liu Wei (Shanghai Sharks- 768, 563 votes), Quincy Dolby (Zhejiang Bulls- 987,536); Yi Li (Jiangsu Dragons- 766,663), Yi Jianlian (Guangdong Tigers- 1,559,634); Wang Zhizhi (Bayi Rockets- 885,630)

North: Stephon Marbury (Beijing Ducks- 1,230,561), Guo Ailun (Liaoning Jaguars- 926,534); Tracy McGrady (Qingdao Eagles – 2,218,388 votes), Li Xiaoxu (Liaoning Jaguars-589,854);  Han Dejun (Liaoning Jaguars-786,613)

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