Zhejiang Bulls 126 – Shanghai Sharks 112: Douby Goes Wild As Sharks Get Outplayed

The first rule of a street fight is keep swinging and don’t stop. Shanghai couldn’t do that and having enjoyed the lead at various points before halftime, were destroyed in a swashbuckling final twenty-four minutes by the Bulls.

Be it from the free-throw line, downtown on under the rim, Quincy Douby was close to unstoppable and scored 41 points in the Zheijang rout. An amazing no-look, reverse lay-up in the third quarter underlined his dominance. He was outstanding two years ago with the Xinjiang Tigers and the former Rutgers shooting guard remains just as brilliant this time around. As hard as they tried, Shanghai simply had no answer to his questions.

Aided by the absence of Zhang Zhaoxu, Eddy Curry also had himself a fun night- with a 27/20 double-double to show for it. Wang Ligang had his hands full throughout the game thanks to the American centre, who effectively made the Sharks’ paint his home.

Shanghai started brightly and led by Gilbert Arenas, looked perky and full of ideas. Having been two-dimensional in the previous game against Jiangsu and rarely shot from beyond the arc, this time Agent Zero and Liu Wei were happy to drop bombs and for a while, the hosts looked rattled.

However, with both overseas players in the game for the second half, the Bulls immediately clicked into gear and began to light fires all over the court. Stretched between containing Curry and closing down Douby, the Sharks were spread out too far to do either effectively. Cao Fei and Zhang Chanjun also looked good as they made the most out of the open looks coming their way by dropping seven treys between them on the night.

The Sharks kept coming but were being torn apart by brutal, beautiful basketball from Zhejiang. Arenas and DJ White had matching 27/12 double-doubles and Liu Wei got 17 points but it was a long final quarter before they could get off the floor. Zhejiang outscored, out rebounded and outplayed their guests. As far as knock-outs go, this was pretty methodical.

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