Scouting Report: Guangsha Lions (12-12)

Can the Sharks make it a three game winning streak? If Gilbert Arenas, Liu Wei and DJ White stay in such excellent form, it just might happen but the Lions are no pushovers, especially at home in Hangzhou.

Somewhat predictably, the Lions will rely on their Americans to get the job done- or at least most it. Gary Forbes, who since coming in as an injury replacement for Al Thorton has been get it done in spectacular fashion averaging 30.3/7.8/4.2 in the twelve games he has played since his arrival. P.J Ramos, who at 7″4 is an obvious physical force, and Zhang Zhaoxu is going to have a difficult game to say the least.

From a Chinese roster perspective, the development of point guard Wang Zirui remains an ongoing project. Now in his second season in the league, the teenager is still learning the ropes although the talent is there. Taiwanese floor general Lin Chih-Chieh is the only other notable component on the team, who have a simple but effective philosophy of give it to the Americans and stand back.

All things taken into account, its possible the Sharks could win simply because they have three potential game winners compared to the Lions’ two. This is still a theory on paper though. The  Sharks fell to the far weaker Qingdao team on the road recently so its difficult to say which Shanghai team is going to show up. Hopefully, the dangerous one who can make it three wins on the bounce but whether that team exists on a consistent basis in 2012/13 remains to be seen.

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