Scouting Report: Tianjin Lions (9-8)

Having been dominated by Beijing and Stephon Marbury on Friday, now its time for the Tianjin Lions to come over to Shanghai and try their luck against a Sharks team that is now realising its season is basically over and that the remaining fifteen games are an exercise in fighting for pride.

Whilst Marbury’s one-man assault was impressive last night, there is another CBA player that has an even better run of form against the Sharks. Osama Daghlas (14.9/6.5/10.8) will be coming into this game with the potential to score his third successive triple-double against Shanghai. Tianjin need this win to continue their unlikely quest for a playoff spot and the point guard holds the key to doing so.

Alongside him, power-forward Donell Harvey is a relentless hustler and is averaging an astounding 20.1ppg and 16.2rpg while Zhang Nan is an underrated shooter that can make mischief from the wings. Hamady N’Diayi isn’t going to amaze the Yuanshen crowd but he is also an excellent stopper under the rim, leading the league in blocks (4.1bpg) and the Senegalese seven-footer is a proverbial pain in the backside to deal with up close and personal.

The Sharks could be in real trouble in this game especially with news coming in that Daniel Panaggio has been replaced as Shanghai coach in the aftermath of their crushing loss to the Ducks.

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