Scouting Report: Foshan Dralions (4-7)

Having shattered their run of defeats on Friday against the Fujian Sturgeons, it’s now time for Shanghai Sharks to hopefully make it two wins on the trot by taking down the visiting Foshan Dralions. 

Shavlik Randolph will be the main outlet for the Dralions and should be good for a 25/12 shift on most nights. Zhang Zhaoxu came out all guns blazing against Fujian on Friday and some more of the same to deal with the American big man would be very useful indeed.

Rashad McCants will be a problem for the Sharks and the shooting guard is averaging 20.4ppg but tellingly doesn’t contribute a lot outside of his shooting prowess. Alongside him in the back court, Zeng Xu might also cause some mischief but this is about it for the Dralions.

Simply put, the Sharks should win this game. Foshan are not a very good team and don’t have many capable players as they look to slowly rebuild after years of poor management. Easier said than done obviously but the Dralions won’t be worrying too many teams this season.

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