Ryan Forehan-Kelly Moves On To Venezuela

Having finished his stint covering for Gilbert Arenas in Shanghai, Ryan Forehan Kelly has been signed by Venezuelan outfit Cocodrilos de Caracas in the country’s Liga Profesional de Baloncesto (LPB) according to Latin Basket.The much-travelled thirty-two year old put up a decent stat line (11.4/4/1.4) in three games for the Sharks, the first of which he found himself playing in barely twenty-four hours after flying into Shanghai from America.

Forehan-Kelly got the chance to return to the team having injured himself on New Year’s Day last year and did well despite the team losing all three of the games he played in. On a more positive note, the American will have got the chance to say goodbye to Shanghai on his terms rather than through the unfortunate circumstances of the previous season.

The swingman is not the first former Shark to find himself in the LPB in 2012. Marcus Landry also had a brief stint there last earlier this year with Bucaneros de La Guaira.

2 thoughts on “Ryan Forehan-Kelly Moves On To Venezuela

  1. Too bad he was placed into a tough spot. Given a couple more games I think things would have turned for the better. Arenas is not healthy yet.

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