Scouting Report: Guangdong Tigers (7-2)

Having already played the first of their two games in Guangdong for this road trip, the Sharks are within sight of a three game home stretch starting on Friday. However, before they can get back to Shanghai, the Sharks will first have to deal with the difficult task of a road game against the Guangdong Tigers.

The Tigers, as has hopefully been established on this blog since its birth, are very, very good. Point guard Chen Jianghua is a very solid ball handler and he will have the highly destructive Terrence Williams alongside him in the backcourt. Further along, Zhu Fangyu, Wang Shipeng and Ike Diogu are also able to do a lot of damage. Then there is Yi Jianlian averaging 28.4/10.1/1.4 since the start of the season.  In short, this is a very scary team.

However, the Sharks aren’t going there to make up the numbers and will feel that they have the players to cause an upset. Despite their loss against Dongguan, the Sharks’ Chinese players were on fire and will see the Tigers’ roster as a chance to further raise their game.

Moreover, Gilbert Arenas is expected to be back for this game and will want to make a point to the team that backed out of signing him before he eventually ended up with the Sharks.

That said though, the Sharks are still big underdogs in this game so don’t be surprised if the Sharks are coming back to Shanghai at 2-9.

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