Update: Gilbert Arenas Remains Unsigned, Discussions Ongoing

The deal that everyone in Shanghai wants to happen still has not happened. Gilbert Arenas is continuing to negotiate with the Sharks but nothing final has been agreed upon just yet- despite numerous reports to the contrary.

On Tuesday morning, a few Chinese media outlets began to report that Arenas had agreed a deal and that his signing would be announced today (Wednesday). Long story short (and it would be a very long story involving the news agency who made the original announcement second-guessing the presence of CCTV news cameras in Shanghai), this has turned out to be a false alarm.  Instead, the Sharks organisation have wearily re-confirmed that discussions are still ongoing.

As the team continues to discuss Arenas’ health and the finer fiscal points of the American’s contract, Elijah Millsap- the odd man out should the Arenas deal go through- remains on the team.

The small forward has by all accounts been working hard in practice in a bid to keep his job and although there is a buyout clause in his contract that would allow an amiable parting between Millsap and the Sharks, the player is evidently keen to stay on the roster.

Shanghai season tickets still have not gone on sale- undoubtably due to the increased demand that would occur should Arenas sign so basically the Sharks season is on hold until this is resolved. Indeed, as a team official pointedly noted, the CBA season isn’t too far away, so its probable that a resolution one-way or the other will be finalised in the coming days.

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