Gilbert Arenas Intrique Continues

Gilbert Areas is indeed in Shanghai and appears to be training with the team but beyond that, no-one is entirely sure what is going to happen next. That however doesn’t mean that Sina Sport hasn’t been going absolutely crazy and churning about all manner of content in the meantime…

The big rumor is that Shanghai have come to some agreement with the point guard- a $700,000-a-year contract that would be set for one year but with an additional year added on should Arenas met all the expectations put on him.

Meanwhile, Elijah Millap, who is increasingly looking like the odd man out, has a buy-out clause that will be picked up should the Sharks pick up Arenas.

Sina is also reporting that season tickets- due to come out today- have been held back whilst the team assesses the Arenas situation and there is the possibility that prices for those tickets might rise. With DJ White already on the books as well as Shanghainese folk hero Liu Wei and several up-and-coming youngsters, Sharks tickets are going to be a hot item in the city especially if the Sharks can bring a well-known former NBA All-Star into their ranks.

Again, its important to stress that this wouldn’t be the first time a Chinese news outlet has gone barking up the wrong tree so its important to take everything with a pinch of salt. The Sharks organisation are playing this one close to their chest so up until announcements start appearing on the team website, any and all rumours coming out of Sina remain hearsay and (albeit very exciting) speculation.

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