Import Shake-Up In Shanghai: Gilbert Areas In, Elijah Millsap Out?

Whoa. Potentially big news on the horizon. With the season still presumably a couple of weeks away from starting, there has suddenly been a furious amount of speculation going on over at Sina Sports involving Gilbert Arenas and Elijah Millsap.

According to Sina, the Sharks have grown concerned with the attitude and playing style of Millsap, the small forward they signed earlier on in the summer and are now starting to consider Arenas after the former Wizard’s move to the Guangdong Tigers faltered. Mark Stein of ESPN has already mentioned it and now media outlets from various parts of the world- including the People’s Daily– are running with the story too.

Things become especially zesty today when Shanghai point guard Liu Wei posted photos on Weibo of him with Arenas in what appears to be the Sharks training facility in the south of the city.

The Sharks have not given any comment as to what is going on but when the team captain is posting pictures of himself and Arenas, things look very interesting. Obviously, it remains to be seem what will ultimately happen- Guangdong weren’t keen on bringing in Agent Zero for a variety of reasons and Shanghai will want to take their time before handing over a substantial amount of cash themselves so a speedy resolution seems unlikely. More news when it happens…

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