Shanghai Sharks Preseason Results: Straits Cup Tournament

In their final set of overseas games before the start of the CBA season, the Sharks made their way to Taiwan to take on teams from both China and the host country in the annual Straits Cup tournament. Shanghai made it a three game sweep during the series as many of their first choice Chinese players returned to the fold to pick up some valuable game time. Results are as follows.

10/12– Shanghai Sharks 76 Dacin Tigers 69 (Zhang Zhaoxu 12 pts; Liu Wei 11pts)

10/13- Shanghai Sharks Zhejiang 58 – Guangsha Lions 53

10/14- Shanghai Sharks 82  Pure Youth Construction 62 (Zhang Zhaoxu 15pts, 12 rbs; Liu Ziqiu 13pts; Tseng Wen-ting 6pts, 9rbs, 5ast)

For a good overview of the tournament, you should also head over to Taiwan Hoops.

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