New Shanghai Sharks Uniforms?

It hadn’t escaped my keen eye that the Sharks were rocking some new uniforms at the Straits Cup tournament. There has been a heavily discounted sale of merchandise on the team website for the last month now and there has also been a change in uniform provider within the CBA so it would be natural that Shanghai would be busting out some new threads in time for the season opener against Beijing.

The team’s traditional white kit (on the far left, being held by a Taiwan team owner) has got a little bit of a revamp and now features a dark blue and orange strip (the colours of the 2nd and 3rd choice uniforms from the previous season) through the middle (image care of

Meanwhile, the colours of the traditional back-up uniforms have been merged together to create the following outfit which is impressive bright by anyone standards (image care of

All of which is very nice stuff. New uniforms, teams taking part in full strength preseason games- it certainly feels like the season is getting closer and closer and that certainly can’t be a bad thing.

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