Shanghai Sharks To Tour Taiwan

In what is now becoming an increasingly busy preseason for the  Sharks, Asia-basketball and Sina have both confirmed that Shanghai will be visiting Taiwan to take part in the Straits tournament as part of their efforts to get in fighting shape for the upcoming CBA season.

The four man tournament will see the Sharks, the Zhejiang Golden Bulls and two Taiwanese teams (Pure Youth Construction and Dacin Tigers)  play each other in Taipei and Taichung. Each team will play each other once over the three-day event.

Shanghai’s dates are as follows:

Oct 12th- Sharks vs.Dacin Tigers

Oct. 13th- Sharks vs. Zhejiang Golden Bulls

Oct. 14th- Sharks vs. Pure Youth Construction

For Sharks power forward Tseng Wen-ting, this will be a hope-coming of sorts. The Taiwanese native was one of the Taiwanese league’s biggest stars for several years, picking up several MVP and rebounding titles as well as a couple of finals wins before embarking on a relocation to the mainland.

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