Shanghai Sharks:- CBA Summer League

It might be football (soccer) season in China right now but it doesn’t mean that the Sharks aren’t getting their reps in now that the CBA season is supposedly only two months away. With a preseason tour of Australia coming up at the end of September, Shanghai have been sparring with a number of  other CBA teams who are also slowly getting back into the groove.

Results so far are listed below with a few interesting details attached alongside the scoreline. With no overseas players on the team (although it is thought that both of Shanghai’s imports will be signed within the next fortnight), the following games represent a lot of playing time for bench players and youngsters to show the Sharks’backroom staff exactly what they have learned during the off season.

09/01: Guangsha Lions 82 – Shanghai Sharks 76 (Liu Ziqui 18 pts; Wu Yang 11pts; Liu Ziqui 10 pts)

09/02:  Bayi Rockets 69- Shanghai Sharks 66 (Liu Ziqui 18 pts; Wu Yang 10pts & 6rbs; Meng Lingyuan, Peng Fei, 8pts).

09/03:  Jiangsu Dragons 80 – Shanghai Sharks 72 (Wu Yang 15pts; Feng Tian 11pts & 5rbs; Meng Lingyuan, Peng Fei, 9pts)


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