Mike Harris Returns To Puerto Rico

As hinted at in his interview with Alex Linder, the former Sharks forward, Mike Harris, has returned to Puerto Rico to play for his former employer,  Athleticos de San German. When he played for the club in last year’s Baloncesto Superior Nacional (BSN), the American put up 17.9ppg and was the best rebounder in the league (12.7rpg) over the course of twenty-four games.

Having come off a strong season in the CBA which saw him post 23.3ppg and 12.rpg, Harris will be ready to fit straight in to a league that is already seven games into its thirty-game regular season. Having lost their first three games, San German are currently sitting at 3-4.

With contracts still being worked out, Harris probably won’t be the last CBA player to sign for a team on the island. For what its worth, PJ Ramos’ Quebradillas Pirates remain tied for first place whilst former LA  Clipper forward, Al Thornton leads the league in scoring with 25.3ppg.

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