So What Happens Now?

Well Shanghai have been eliminated (obviously) from the 2011/12 CBA playoffs, which sadly means that that a long ass off-season now beckons for basketball fans in the city. However, there are still things that you can do during these long days and months without any Chinese basketball.

1) Keep Checking The Website

Obviously the season is over but there will still be coverage of the Sharks throughout the year.  I’ll be keeping track on where Shanghai’s departed overseas players will be signing next, checking in with the team throughout the long break and obviously following the Chinese basketball team in the London Olympics (with a special focus on the Shanghai players in the team). Basically, if there is news-worthy stuff concerning the Sharks, I’ll write about it.

2) Sign Up To Facebook/Twitter

The website has a twitter feed (@sharkfinhoops) which you can follow, but now there is also a facebook page to join. When I first arrived in Shanghai, I had trouble finding information about the Sharks team, tickets, etc but hopefully this can act as hub for gathering information, answering questions and linking up with other basketball loving laowei in Shanghai.

3) Carry On Watching The CBA!

As it is technically outside of this website’s remit, there isn’t going to be an awful lot of talk on here about how Guangdong or Beijing are doing in semifinals or beyond. That said, you should continue to check out the continually excellent, where you’ll get detailed coverage of everything CBA related, whether it is taking place in the postseason or the offseason.

One thought on “So What Happens Now?

  1. Keep it up~~~ Much appreicate your effort and love for Sharks. I am a Sharks fan located in Australia. Unfortunately, I can only watch games online.

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