CBA All-Star Weekend: Dunk Contest, Three Point Shootout Entrants Announced

As well as the CBA All-Star game, it probably makes sense to draw attention to the various other events taking place at the CBA’s All-Star event including Lester Hudson and Aaron Brooks going toe-to-toe in the three-point shoot-out and one of China’s great hopes at the point guard position, Chen Jianghua taking part in the skills challenge. No Shanghai players here though but there’s still enough reason to try and tune in to Saturday’s All-Star stuff as well.

Slam Dunk Content: Zhaotai Long (Fujian Sturgeons), Chang Lin (Beijing Ducks), Yan Pengfei (Shanxi Dragons), Mengxiang Long (Tianjin Lions), Yang Wenbo (Foshan Dralions), Tianyu Xiang (Bayi Rockets).

Three Point Shootout: Sun Jie (Shandong Lions), Lo Chi (Foshan Dralions), Shentu Chun (Tianjin Lions), Lester Hudson (Qingdao Eagles), Aaron Brooks (Guangdong Tigers), Zhu Yanxi (Beijing Ducks).

Skills Challenge: Chen Jianghua (Guangdong Tigers), Xiralijiang Muhetar (Xinjiang Tigers), Zeng Xu (Foshan Dralions), Osama Dahglas (Jilin Tigers).

Rookies/Sophomore Game:

South:  Li Yuan Yu, Shihong Fei (Guangdong Tigers), Gu Quan, Sun Tonglin (Dongguan Leopards), Xia Yubo (Zhejiang Bulls), Wang Zirui (Guangsha Lions), Tianyu Xiang, Cao Yan (Bayi Rockets), Zeng Xu (Foshan Dralions).

North: Zhu Yanxi, Di Xiaochuan (Beijing Ducks), Guo Allan (Liaoning Jaguars), Xu Jiahan, Yanyuhang Ding (Shandong Lions), Ang Lee (Jilin Tigers), Yan Pengfei,  Ren Junwei, Zhaobao Bao (Shanxi Dragons), Shentu Chun (Tianjin).

One thought on “CBA All-Star Weekend: Dunk Contest, Three Point Shootout Entrants Announced

  1. Tseng should have made the Three Point Shootout! (how many shots would he get off in 60 seconds? four? five?… *Tseng picks up the ball from the rack. he looks for someone to pass it to… he looks to the coach for instructions. he hears the rumbling of the crowd begging him to shoot… he looks for someone to pass it to again. with the clock running down he finally looks at the basket. he raises the ball above his head and takes aim. he throws the ball at the basket horizontally! it goes in! …25.9% of the time)

    also, somehow Mike Harris became a 40% three-point shooter? last time i checked he was like 14%

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