CBA All-Star Game: Full Line Up Announced- Liu, Zhang Make Reserves

The full line-ups for this weekends CBA All-Star game has been announced and the starting line-up has also had to be re-adjusted following withdrawals by Xinjiang’s Mengke Bateer and Zhejiang’s JR Smith. Liaoning Jaguars’ beefcake center, Han Dejun comes in to replace the Xinjiang player whilst Guangdong’s Aaron Brooks will play for the South instead of Smith, who has made it clear that he will be headed back to the NBA immediately now the regular season has ended (and is probably on a plane bound for America as I type this).

Shanghai’s  Zhang Zhaoxu and Liu Wei have both made the reserves for South  but interestingly there will be no Wilson Chandler or Marcus Williams. Charles Gains does make it however and hopefully Liu will have the chance to get plant the seeds of doubt in the big man’s head before the Sharks and the Dragons get together for their CBA playoff clash the following Wednesday.

South: Aaron Brooks (Guangdong Tigers), Wang Shipeng (Guangdong Tigers); Zhu Fangyu (Guangdong Tigers), Ding Jinhui (Zhejiang Bulls); Wang Zhizhi (Bayi Rockets).

Bench: Liu Wei (Shanghai Sharks), Yi Li (Jiangsu Dragons), Zhaotai Long (Fujian Sturgeons), Zaid Abbas (Fujian Sturgeons), Will McDonald (Fujian Sturgeons), Zhang Kai (Dongguan Leopards), Zhang Zhaoxu (Shanghai Sharks).

North: Marbury (Beijing Ducks), Yang Ming (Liaoning Jaguars); Zhang Nan (Tianjin Lions), Li Xiaoxu (Liaoning Jaguars); Han Dejun (Liaoning Jaguars).

Bench: Lu Xiaoming (Shanxi Dragons), Xiralijiang Muhetar (Xinjiang Tigers), Lester Hudson (Qingdao Eagles), Li Gun (Qingdao Eagles), Zhong Cheng (Jilin Tigers), Ji Zhe (Beijing Ducks), Charles Gaines (Shanxi Dragons), Wu Ke (Shandong Lions).

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