Jeremy Lin Could Have Been A Shark. Sort Of.

As a basketball blog based in China, I guess I should put together at least one article about the aforementioned point-guard. Well,  it turns out that Sharks owner Yao Ming recently made overtures to the player to play for the Sharks this season during his pre-Linsanity days, according to an article in the New York Post.

Back then the point guard, stuck in limbo between an uncertain NBA few and the ongoing lockout, was linked to both the Taiwanese and Chinese leagues but also a team in Italy. Moreover, Yao and Lin enjoyed a big brother/little brother relationship stretching back from the time that the former was still playing for Houston. Had Lin not been kept on by the Knicks or the labor dispute resulted in a lost season, Lin would have seemingly gravitated towards the Yuanshen if Yao had anything to do with it.

In such a hypothetical scenario, it wouldn’t have been the first time he had turned out for a CBA team- as Niubball’s  Jon Pastuzek points out in his excellent column on Lin, the guard turned out for the Dongguan Leopards in 2011 over the CBA preseason.

Still, a nice thought but for now at least, Lin stays in New York whilst Liu Wei continues to rule the roost in Shanghai with Feng Tian acting as a most capable, high promising backup. Happy endings for everyone then.

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