CBA All-Star Game: Week Five Update

A lot has changed in the All Star voting since the Week Three balloting numbers were reveled. Having been unable to find last week’s numbers anywhere, the current figures from Week Five released by the CBA’s official website make for interesting reading as they revel a surge of voting for the local players. Interestingly, there hasn’t been an increase of votes for either Zhang Zhaoxu or Sharks’/Chinese national team captain,  Liu Wei, although I’m pleased to see Mengke Bateer, who is up there with Tseng Wen-ting as my favourite CBA player, has kept his place.

It looks like there has been some block voting by the fans of a couple of CBA teams (I’m looking at you, Jiangsu Dragons) but I imagine that things should stabilize and you’ll soon see more numbers for currently absent big name players like Stephon Marbury, Zhu Fangyu, JR Smith, etc. The CBA website reports that so far 592,719 people have voted in the All-Star contest and with about two weeks left to vote, this what the All-Star game  starting line-ups currently look like.

South: Hu Xuefeng (Jiangsu Dragons), Zhang Bo (Bayi Rockets);  Yi Li (Jiangsu Dragons), Zhou Peng (Guangdong Tigers); Wang Zhizhi (Bayi Rockets).

North: Yang Ming (Liaoning Jaguars), Lu Xiaoming (Shanxi Dragons); Zhang Nan (Tianjin Lions), Li Xiaoxu (Liaoning Jaguars); Mengke Bateer (Xinjiang Tigers).

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