CBA All-Star Voting: Vote Now For Harris, Zhang and Liu

With a reasonable amount of time still left in the balloting, why not vote for Shanghai’s Zhang Zhaoxu, Liu Wei or Mike Harris to feature in the ‘South’ team for the upcoming CBA All-Star game. The trio are among the forty players that can be selected from the Southern clubs in the CBA for the league’s showcase event that will be held in Guangzhou on the weekend of February 18th/19th.

You can vote by clicking on this link that takes you to the CBA website but be warned, you need to verify your vote by imputing both numbers and Chinese characters so you will probably need a keyboard that can type in pinyin or call in a favor from a Chinese-speaking neighbor to vote for you.

As Niubball pointed out last week, JR Smith and Stephon Marbury lead the voting, and with no reference to how the voting has changed since week three of the balloting, the following players could well be starting in the main event:

South: Wang Shipeng (Guangdong Tigers), JR Smith (Zhejiang Bulls); Wilson Chandler (Guangsha Lions), Zhu Fangyu (Guangdong Tigers); Wang Zhizhi (Bayi Rockets)

North: Stephon Marbury (Beijing Ducks), Peng Zhang (Liaoning Jaguars); Ji Zhe (Beijing Ducks),  Li Xiaoxu (Liaoning Jaguars); Mengke Bateer (Xinjiang Tigers).

Should you wish, you can buy tickets for the event by clicking on this link  although it should be pointed out that the main game is on a Sunday at 19:oo BST and you probably won’t be able to get a flight back to Shanghai from Guangzhou (or anywhere else in China for that matter) until the following morning. Basically if you have to work Mondays like most people do (including me to my considerable frustration), this probably isn’t something you’re going to be able to do.

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