Ryan Forehan Kelly: Achilles Injury Will Require Surgery

Shanghai Shark’s season has been thrown into chaos with the loss of their starting small forward, Ryan Forehan Kelly. The Sharks captain, Liu Wei, confirmed on his weibo account an hour ago that his team mate will require surgery within the next three days meaning that the American’s season is over.

This will be a huge blow to the Sharks, who are currently riding high in the table and along with Liaoning and Dongguan, have a 10-8 record, which is the fifth best in the league.

Forehan Kelly, averaging 18.8 ppg and 6.8 rpg, has been a key part of the team since his arrival in Shanghai, not only due to his shooting but also because of his familiarity with Coach Panaggio’s triangle offense and his previous experience in Chinese basketball with the Jiangsu Dragons.

His injury will place additional pressure on the in-form Mike Harris to lead the team, although a source within the club has confirmed that the injury is season ending and that the club will be looking to bring in a replacement as soon as possible.

Picture: Shanghai Daily

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