Scouting Report: Zhejiang Bulls

The Sharks, having on their first away game of the season against Bayi Rockets, now journey to Yiwu for a tricky tie against the Zhejiang Bulls, who obviously made the headlines in the summer with their acquisition of former Denver Nuggets man, JR Smith.

Zhejiang are currently holding an 8-4 record overall, but are 4-2 at home after defeats by Beijing and Shandong.
Standing in the way of the Sharks winning an improbable fourth game-in-a-row will be the suddenly in-form JR SMith. The American was initially criticised for a low-scoring couple of games which he argued was more team orientated than lazy. Since then, Smith has burst into life and put up a couple scores in the high forties and fifties. Having had an unsettled start to the season, Smith has finally found his groove and has spent the last few weeks mercilessly dunking on opponents electrifying the league in general. The forward is lethal driving to the rim but is also averaging almost 50% from three-point range meaning that the Sharks will be weary of backing off against the American.

Josh Boone will also have to be kept under wraps if the Sharks are to do well. The former New Jersey Net kept the team ticking along whilst Smith found his mojo and will be more than happy to put up a decent score if he isn’t shown the appropriate respect by whoever is marking him. On the defnesive side of the game, Boone is averaging 11 rebounds a game highlighting his importance of both sides of the court.

Cao Fei and Ding Jinhui are also threats to the the Sharks, particularly in front of their homecrowd in Yiwu. The Bulls have put up at least 93 points at home this season and when they get going, can’t be stopped without maximium effort.

With Kelly recovering from his injury quicker than expected and Tseng seemingly a day or two away, Shanghai have a fighitng chance but this is a very decent team that the Sharks are about to play. I would be shocked if the Sharks did the dirty on the Bulls but its posible, but it would need some clinical shooting and being hard on defence at the same time. A tall order indeed…

5 thoughts on “Scouting Report: Zhejiang Bulls

  1. Hi Andrew, I touched down in shanghai yesterday night but haven’t had the chance to reply to you till now. Managed to catch the Xinjiang Jilin game last night, was interesting watching Bateer play as a passer and Tang Zhengdong was pretty good too. I’ll be leaving for a short trip to Hangzhou and Suzhou tomorrow and will be back on Christmas eve, so I’m hoping we could perhaps talk then. Would be great to catch a CBA game together, or just talk some hoops. Till then, see you and take care!

    1. Hey man;

      Welcome to cold, cold, cold Shanghai. Having now seen Mengke Bateer in the flesh the other week, I think he’s probably one of my favorite players in the CBA. Lets just say he looks like one tough hombre and leave it at that.

      I’ll be in Shanghai throughout the Xmas break and will be at all the games. Send me an e-mail ( and we’ll meet to watch/take some basketball.

      1. Hey I’m actually in cold cold cold Hangzhou now! Will be back in Shanghai in a couple of days. And yes, having watched very little of Bateer over the years, I must say I’m surprised and impressed by how good he is!

        Will be sure to contact you to see when we can meet up when I’m back! Have been watching CBA nightly to try to brush up on my CBA knowledge! Hope to learn more from you soon.

        Cya soon!

  2. Sounds good. Things are heating up nicely for the Beijing game after the win against Jiangsu so if you’re back in town for that one, you’re in for a treat.

    1. Hey I am back in Shanghai, but I don’t think I can make it for the Beijing game! So sorry about it, I really wanted to see Marbury play in person too. Do they sell any merchandise at the games? Haven’t had much luck in my search for CBA stuff here so far.

      I’m staying at Taixing Road while I’m here, near Nanjing Xi Lu. Would love to meet up sometime to talk hoops! We’ll certainly be heading to the Tianjin game on the 28th, I’m getting my relatives to purchase the tickets for us. Hope it’ll be a good game!

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