Shanghai Sharks 91 – Guangsha Lions 75

A swashbuckling, free flowing Shanghai Sharks overcame the odds and beat the more fancied Guangsha Lions in their first home game of the season and in doing so, erased the bitter memories of the consecutive defeats on the road. Coach Daniel Panaggio will be pleased with what he saw from the sidelines as his team overcame their more illustrious opposition.

The two reasonably high scoring teams both looked to take control of the game as quickly as possible but it was the Sharks, led by Mike Harris, that eventually forged ahead early in the second quarter. With the former Houston Rocket forward pulling the strings on both sides of the court, the Sharks eased into the half time interval 53-40 up, much to the delight of a vocal home crowd.

Shanghai’s onslaught continued after the break as Harris, ably aided by Ryan Kelly, set about the Lions with renewed vigour, and their crisp, accurate shooting helped open up a sizeable lead going into the fourth quarter. Unlike previous games, the Sharks did not waste their hard fought lead and instead patiently added to it as the game ebbed away. Guangsha looked shell shocked and despite scoring 25 points, Chandler found himself withdrawn before the end as the away side acknowledged that the match was beyond them

To a loud roar from their fans, the game ended with the Sharks victorious by a margin of 91-75. Kelly finished with 30 points, Harris underlined his own impressive performance with 18 points and 16 rebounds whilst Peng Fei and Taiwanese forward Tseng Wen-ting also stood out with a hard working, muscular performance. After such a commanding display, the Sharks have made a statement to their CBA rivals and will welcome their next opposition, Jillin Tigers, with the renewed confidence of a team that had finally found some momentum.

2 thoughts on “Shanghai Sharks 91 – Guangsha Lions 75

  1. Really appreciate the site – especially since I only make it to a few Sharks games a year. Just wanted to clarify something – that probably only really bugs me – its Ryan Forehan-Kelly. I only know this because he went to Cal (like me) – I know the Sharks call him Ryan Kelly, but the full surname is Forehan-Kelly.

    Ok, that’s really probably only important to me and the Forehan-Kelly family, but I got that off my chest. Great coverage.

    1. Hey man;

      Thanks for the heads up about Ryan [Forehan-]Kelly. I was dimly aware that he had a double barreled name from his bios in the D-League although I couldn’t find it being used anywhere in anything written about/within the CBA and just assumed he’d chosen to shorten his name. That said, I kinda wished they used his full name because I briefly thought the Sharks had signed a 19-year old point guard from Duke, which is effectively as far from R.F.K. as you can get.

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