Scouting Report: Foshan Dralions

Shanghai’s final road trip for now takes them to the Foshan Dralions, whose savvy marketing team clearly decided that being just one intimidating creature wasn’t good enough and threw and extra beast of slaughter into their name for good measure.

Under the threat of being blacklisted from Chinese basketball, I am obliged to point out that Foshan’s Gerald Green won the NBA dunk content in 2007. There, I said it, now I can move onto to describing the other players on the Dralion’s roster that could cause problems. Oh, wait….

It’s entirely possible that the Sharks could lose to Foshan, they did the previous season as the two sides each took a victory against the other last year but this is a game that Shanghai will look at as a game to redeem some momentum after two painful losses.

Some points from Tseng Wen-ting would be marvelous but this is all about getting the win against another team with the same record and slightly weaker squad than Shanghai. Mike Harris and Zhang Zhoaxu have had strong games of late and will hopefully continue their momentum into the Foshan game.

Alarm bells won’t ring if the Sharks return to Shanghai at 0-3 but equally it won’t be the best of starts to a season, even before one considers that the first home game is live on CCTV5 against Wilson Chandler and Guangsha Lions.

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