CBA 2011-2012: Team-By-Team Rankings

With the CBA pre-season hours away from becoming the regular season, there is still time for perpetually authoritative website, NiuBBall, to not only post its detailed team-by-team power rankings but also look down the fixture list this season and pick out the must-see match-ups over the course of this year’s CBA. Well, when I say ‘must see’, what I also kind of mean is ‘games that you must see in person because Chinese TV has decided to show an episode of Knight Rider or one of the myriad of costume dramas based in Chinese antiquity instead’.

These rankings, which somehow find the time to include the thoughts of some ejit with too much love for Shanghai, are fantastically in-depth and make the misty, confused world of Chinese basketball a lot easier to find your way around. For those of you who lack the time even to click the link, Niuball rank the teams as follows;

  1. Guangdong Tigers
  2. Xinjiang Tigers
  3. Zhenjiang Bulls
  4. Jiangsu Dragons
  5. Zhenjiang Lions
  6. Shanxi Dragons
  7. Liaoning Innovators
  8. Beijing Ducks
  9. Bayi Rockers
  10. DongGuan Leopards
  11. Fujian Sturgeons
  12. Shandong Golden Lions
  13. Qingdao Lions
  14. Shanghai Sharks
  15. Jillin Tigers
  16. Foshan Dralions
  17. Tianjian Gold Lions

Guan Weija of Sheridan Hoops also has his take on who has the talent and skills to do what, some of which will vary significantly from the above. Roll on Sunday night…

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