Forward Hou Yifan Signs For The Sharks

In a bid to strengthen their squad, Shanghai Sharks have moved to sign teenage swingman, Hou Yifan, seemingly without a fee. Details are scarce but Agile News reports that youngster, highly rated by head coach, Daniel Panaggio, will be held back from active participation in the first three regular season games to help him get used to the playbook and hopefully get a slightly less effeminate, more intimidating profile picture.

Hou, who confusingly shares the same name and home province as one of China’s youngest female grand master, and led me to initially assume that the Sharks front office had all got drunk and decided to sign dainty seventeen-year-old girls to make up their playing rosters, will wear the number two shirt. He will presumably rejoin his new team mates when they return to Shanghai for their first home match against Guangsha Lions.

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