Mike Harris To Rejoin Shanghai For 2011 CBA Season

In a sudden and alarming parachute drop of good fortune, former Houston Rockets and Washington Wizards small forward Mike Harris has confirmed that he’ll be be returning to Shanghai, having finished the 2010-2011 season leading the Sharks in field goals, three points,  rebounds, steals and generally looking like he was about to do something awesome.
Harris, whose wanderlust has seen him play in Kuwait, a country he previously noted was ‘extremely hot’ and had ‘sand all over [the place]’ as well as the Ukraine before arriving in China, will return to Shanghai to give additional bite to forward line-up that already has to deal with occasionally mobile beast of destruction and prominent eye-brow enthusiast, Zhang Zhaoxu.
Having signed a two year contract with Shanghai in 2010, the all-time leading scorer and rebounder for Rice University might have been hoping for a return to the States. However, with the ongoing NBA lockout showing no sign of going away and therefore no teams interested in his services, Harris can look forward to at least one more season playing at the Luwan Gymnasium in a league that has recently seen the ranks of former NBA players swell by the week amidst the ongoing chaos of an increasing bitter labour dispute.
Photo: 000xy.com

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