How To Attend Sharks Games

How Do I Get Tickets?

The best place to start is with, which is basically the Chinese equivalent of Ticket Master. You’ll be able to buy tickets in advance of the games, eithier as an actual ticket which would be delivered to your door by courier (so long as you live within the city) or as an e-ticket. Mypiao has an English-based section on its website and will have a hotline that you can call and speak to an English speaking salesperson.

You can find the schedule for the Sharks on the Sina website or from the Sharks website itself

If you get the sudden urge to go to a game, there are obviously touts outside the arena who will sell you a ticket. They are unlikely to  speak English. Be prepared to haggle so try to know the prices for the seats you are trying to get in advance.

Where Are The Games?

Shanghai Sharks play at the Yuanshen stadium. Its on Line 6 on the Shanghai Metro system and will probably involve you changing at Century Avenue first. The train is always crowded and you will be packed into the carriages but thankfully it is only one stop.

When you get there, take exit 2 and follow the road to the right. Turn right again into the first large gate that you pass on the right-side of the street and then choose the enormous stadium on your left rather than the huge stadium-like building on the right. Follow the road around until you reach the entrance to the arena.

Boom, welcome to the Yuanshen.


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