Untapped and Unknown; Chongqing’s Relocation And The CBA’s Basketball Market


Back in 2014, the Chongqing Flying Dragons were one of two new expansion teams in the CBA and like most expansion teams, they weren’t really any good. Although they had one of the better scorers in the CBA in Willie Warren, the team sucked hard and  finished bottom of the standings with a 4-32 record. Yet now the Dragons are moving to a different city less than a year after making their debut in Chongqing. Continue reading “Untapped and Unknown; Chongqing’s Relocation And The CBA’s Basketball Market”

Where Are They Now: Catching Up With Former Sharks From Around The Globe

The CBA offseason is still in full-effect in China but it doesn’t mean that basketball isn’t being played here. The national team is fighting it out in the Stankovic Cup right now but beyond the shores of the Middle Kingdom, club basketball is being played and given I have nothing else to report right now, it makes sense to check in on some of Shanghai’s old boys.

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Former Shark Gilbert Arenas Busted For A Variety Of Stupid Things

Its been a very quiet offseason for CBA fans but it still doesn’t mean that various members (past and present) of the Shanghai Sharks aren’t getting in the news. Take former Sharks star Gilbert Arenas, who is currently back home in America as he plots his next move following an injury ridden season in Shanghai. 

According to the gossip website TMZ, Arenas was caught driving through Los Angeles yesterday at 2:30am with a suspended license  As well as getting a ticket for speeding (he was driving 80mph in what would presumably have been a 55mph zone), the two-time NBA All-Star was found to have around twenty boxes (reportedly around 100lbs) of illegal fireworks in his pick-up truck. Agent Zero was released without bail but it is another example of Arenas’ goofishness (which I’m totally okay by the way).

With several months to go before the CBA slowly rolls into action, it will take a while before we know if Arenas is coming back to Chinese basketball, let alone, the Sharks. Arenas has indicated a preference for returning to his former team but a lot will depend on his health. That said, another CBA team will take surely a chance on him given if only to bring in crowds. In the meantime, Arenas is clearly keeping himself busy…

Shanghai Sharks Preseason Results: Shenzhen Series

There still isn’t a fixtures list for the upcoming 2012/13 CBA season but in the meantime, Shanghai are still playing preseason games- this time down in Shenzhen. With DJ White and Elijah Millsap now fully integrated into the squad, the recent round of games was probably the first time that a full strength side could shoot some hoops together. Results are as follows. Continue reading “Shanghai Sharks Preseason Results: Shenzhen Series”