Oden “The Great” Brings His Talent To The Jiangsu Dragons

Greg Oden Blazers BenchThe CBA has been an ideal place for talented yet inconsistent foreign players to prove themselves again. There are many teams out there that are willing to throw big money and minutes at those who, for one reason or another, didn’t survive NBA. If it works out, some NBA team in need of talent might just sign with the player in the middle of the season after the shorter CBA regular season is over. If not, the player can still walk away with a decent salary. Continue reading “Oden “The Great” Brings His Talent To The Jiangsu Dragons”

The Gunslinger’s Revenge: Marcus Williams Returns To China To Settle Old Scores


So it seems that improbable CBA comeback stories come in twos. Arriving a couple of days after Von Wafer found a way back to China despite a six-game ban for brawling in a play-off game, Marcus Williams, victim of one of the most absurd suspensions in CBA history, is now also on the verge of returning. Continue reading “The Gunslinger’s Revenge: Marcus Williams Returns To China To Settle Old Scores”

The Von Wafer Redemption Tour Begins in Changzhou


The last time anyone heard from Von Wafer, he was almost sparking riots during a play-off game in Shandong province. Back then, the American was playing for the Shanxi Dragons and was seen as the central instigator in a series of scuffles between his team and the Qingdao Eagles, including one incident that lead to a Qingdao player being punched in the nuts.  Continue reading “The Von Wafer Redemption Tour Begins in Changzhou”

Breaking Down The Impact of Jeremy Pargo to Guangsha


Guangsha has been a stable playoff team in the past years, not missing the top eight since 2007. Unfortunately, with only one series won and a plethora of 0-3 losses, the squad hailing from Hangzhou seems stuck in no man’s land. Enter Jeremy Pargo, the youngest of the Pargo brothers (Jannero is currently playing for the Charlotte Hornets whilst Jeremy himself has had a few NBA stints) and a Euroleague pure scorer. Will he be the one to carry the Lions out of (high-level) mediocrity?

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Is Trevor Mbakwe Set To Head New American Intake From Europe?


If last season demonstrated anything, it is that the most impactful free agents in China turn up playing for the most random of teams. Back in September, Errick McCollum, a point guard who spent most his career in Israel, signed with Zhejiang and then proceeded to score 82 points in a game against Guangdong and also averaged 39.5ppg for the season (both CBA records). Another new arrival, Eli Holman single-handily dragged the Guangsha Lions’ to the play-offs and was an outside shot for league MVP. Indeed, the arrival of both men, plus others like Qingdao’s Justin Deadmon (who arrived from Lithuania) or Chongqing’s Willie Warren (Hungary)  underline the American talent that can be found in lesser known overseas leagues. Continue reading “Is Trevor Mbakwe Set To Head New American Intake From Europe?”

Police Investigations, Lawsuits and Probable Jailtime All Loom Following Allen Iverson No-Show

allen-iverson-china-rt-float-1Allen Iverson retired years ago but in China, his popularity and reverence remains almost at the same level as Michael Jordan and Yao Ming. The promise of an Iverson appearance in the country brings hundreds of people to the airport and thousands to arenas. He is a license to print money and everyone from the man himself to the plethora of agents and concert promoters in China know this. The trouble is that when you dangle an Iverson appearance to a Chinese audience and then don’t come up with the goods, things can get very messy in a very short amount of time.

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