Shanghai Sharks To Play UCLA In August?

Posted on July 15, 2012


Following the aborted friendly game against a Philippines All-Star team at the end of June, it now seems increasingly likely that the Shanghai Sharks will be taking on a visiting UCLA  team within the next month.

As reported by Niuball’s Ned Bothfeld back in May, the American college has been planning a visit to China for a while.  It is now rumored that once the Bruins are done playing two Chinese university teams in Beijing, they will be making the trip down south to take on the Sharks at the Yuanshen according to reports out of America (read to the bottom of the article).

With no overseas players signed and Liu Wei and Zhang Zhaoxu away in London, this encounter represents a welcome opportunity for several bench players to catch Coach Panaggio’s eye. Moreover, should the game go ahead as reported, it would most likely be played between August 22nd-28th, depending on whether UCLA decide to play their Beijing fixtures before or after the Shanghai game.

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